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December 29 and December 31, 2015

Saitama, Japan

Kron Gracie vs. Asen Yamamoto 

and other Fights


Rizin Fighting Federation is a new organization in Japan whose objective is to resurrect the fighting arts as a form of popular entertainment and source of income for fighters and promoters, managers,  and everyone else involved. In other words, all of the usual reasons. If successful it will be welcome news for anyone who trains or teaches any martial art in Japan, among other places, because these events are primarily what drive enrollments and retention of students.

The inaugural events took place on Tuesday December 29 and Thursday December 31 (Japan times) and were broadcast free on channel 8. The scheduling was intended to allow fighters participating in the tournament sub-event to recover from their elimination matches. The finals were held on Thursday. Fights were presented so as to provide a little of something for all tastes, including K-1 (Muay Thai without clinch and elbows), shoot boxing, and MMA, known in Japan as 総合格闘技 [sougoukakutougi]. Some relatively new faces were introduced. Some veterans were dusted off. Former super-stars came out of retirement, in some cases successfully, in others disastrously. People who had no business going anywhere near a ring were somehow induced to defy common sense and their own physical well-being to do precisely that. Money perhaps? It's been known to motivate people to do things that they shouldn't do, so why not? Several retired sumo wrestlers made appearances and were among the surprises of the event.  A former Olympic judo champion found that judo without a 道着 [dougi] and with punches is not easy. Two representatives of the legendary Brazilian jiu-jitsu family, Rickson and Kron Gracie showed up, one to fight, one to lend moral support, reminisce, be on display for the benefit of adoring fans, and probably, to provide continuity between the glory days of Japanese kakutougi and its (hopefully) bright shining rebirth.

So how did it go? 

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