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Jiu-Jitsu Training in Rio


Never before released photographs of training in Rio, discovered July 2013  in a shoe-box.

 Posted August 3, 2013



(Carlson's most graduated black belt). Rumored to be the only man who tapped Rickson (just a rumor however), while training at Carlson Academy (see Jiu-Jitsu in the South Zone  chapter 22 for more about Rosado and this rumor).




Carlson Academy 

(see Jiu-Jitsu in the South Zone chapter 12 for more about Carlson Academy).



De la Riva 

(see Jiu-Jitsu in the South Zone chapter 13 for more about Ricardo de la Riva).



Oswaldo Alves 

(see Jiu-Jitsu in the South Zone chapter18 for more about Oswaldo Alves. Also interview with Oswaldo Alves here). Below, Oswaldo Alves awards purple belt to Alon.



Sergio Souza "Bolão" (Corpo Quatro) 

(see Jiu-Jitsu in the South Zone chapters 9 and 19 for more about Sergio Souza "Bolão" and Corpo Quatro).


Clube Israelita Brasilerio 

(below). BJJ is taught here, much else as well. Bolão taught here at one time.


Kazula Clube de Lutas

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (Brasa Team) is one of many styles offered at Kazula Clube de Lutas 




Typical Copacabana lancnonete 

Carlos and Helio didn't spend much or any time in such places. Too down-scale, and they didn't drink alcohol or eat meat  Really, nothing on the menu would have been acceptable to Carlos Gracie, and Helio ate what Carlos told him to (see here). George, Gastão Jr. and Oswaldo would have been ok with it though (see here). You might have met Carlson at such a place too. There are/were plenty near his famous academies (indeed, the one below was). Brazilian Top Team wrestling coach Darrell Gholar would feel right at home (see Jiu-Jitsu in the South Zone chapter 20 for more about Darrell Gholar and the lanchonete incident).




Copacabana Apartmento

Typical apartment in the Copacabana (below) where a person might live while training jiu-jitsu. (this one was on Paula Freitas). Gates, guards, and lots of locks. Rio really is the marvelous city, but having wealth and being surrounded by a large majority of really poor, angry people, you need security. If you want to understand why Brazil was governed for twenty-one years (1964-1985) by generals, you need to grasp this: The solution to poverty, some people thought, was to distribute the wealth more evenly. The people who liked that idea didn't have the power to make it happen. And vice-versa.



2006 Mundial

Fans fill the Tijuca Tenis Clube, 2006. Photos suggest one reason BJJ won't become an Olympic sport soon. Everyone watching is a BJJ person and understands the game (you had to be there to get it). TV stations won't broadcast events that sponsors won't pay to support, and they will support programs that lots of people with disposable income want to watch, and people seldom like to watch things that are boring and incomprehensible to them. BJJ people think BJJ is fascinating (which it is but only if you understand it, which you can probably only do if you also train BJJ). For most other people BJJ is a colossal yawn-fest.  Bottom line: Ice figure-skating in, BJJ out.



Marcelo Garcia 

Ready to rumble. Opponent was disqualified for lack of aggressiveness. Marcelo went on to take Gold-again. 



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