How Floyd Might Kill Conor

and Vice-Versa

Written August 25 (Japan time), 2017  (before the fight)

GTR's prediction for Floyd vs. Conor is that it will end in a pro wrestling pandemonium scene. Conor will do a MMA move. Floyd will object, everyone will spill in and out of the ring. Someone will attack the referee, of course. Conor will pay huge penalties (allegedly) if he does that, but so what? He'll earn it back in the rematch.

A variation is that Floyd will do a MMA move. Like in his pro wrestling match with Big Show (he tried to choke Big Show).

Or, Conor will get his ass totally beat, and then will say boxing is ghey, or not real fighting, or something along the same lines, and then challenge Floyd to a MMA fight. Rematch will immediately be in the works. New career for Floyd (who, despite coming from a boxing family, is a huge pro wrestling fan....but then so was Muhammad Ali).

In either case, a rematch will be demanded. Fans will flock to buy tickets or PPV views.

Or, one or the other will pretend to have been "fouled". Rematch obviously needed to settle once and for all, which is best, boxing or MMA. Even though it's supposedly a regulation professional boxing match.

It is remotely possible that Floyd, underestimating Conor's boxing skills, relative to his own, will just swap punches. Hell will freeze over first.

Of course, also, it goes without saying, Conor is Irish. Anything can happen with an Irishman. Never bet against an Irishman.


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