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Here is an interesting video interview with Carlson Gracie, posted on June 11, 2009 by lcvalois (who is probably one of the fighters, Luis Carlos Valois) talking about two competitions. 

The fighters with Carlson are:



 Amaury Bitetti 

 Holden Flag

 Sergio Bolão Souza


 Alberto Santos

 Luis Roberto "Bebeo" Duarte

 Carlson Gracie Junior

 Luis Carlos Valois

 Jair  Mucelin

Sergio Abhimed

 Isaias Silva


As Carlson mentioned in the interview, Bolão won his own weight and also absoluto, and garnered two trophies for best fighter, defeating John Machado and Castelo Branco, among others. Carlson was talking about two different competitions, one was in Niteroi, the other was The Brasileiro.

A few of these names are well known today, 22 years later--Bolão, Carlson Jr., Amaury Bitetti, Luis Roberto Duarte (better known as Bebeo, leader of BTT). The rest have followed a different road.


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Thanks to Sergio Bolão for remembering the names.






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