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Bruce Lee

Transcribed by Roberto Pedreira for GTR



Our story begins with the death of Hur Yung Ja, a legendary Chinese hero, famous for his victories over Russian champion wrestler and Japan's bushido experts.

He was poisoned.  By whom? For what? It is not known for certain. But there has been speculation. Here we offer the most popular version.


BL: Am I too late? Where are they?

Guy: Just an hour. They're all around the back, burying teacher.

BL: Let's go then.

Guy: Yes.

BL: Teacher, teacheeeeeeeerr! Teacher, teacheeeeeeeerr! Teacher, teacheeeeeeeerr!

Take him back to the house and let him rest there.

Opening Credits

Girl: You must eat now. You haven't touched a thing for two days. You'll make yourself sick. I know you're upset at teacher's death. But, it hurts me to see you like this. And you must still think of the future. Please eat, just, just something.

Guy: Has there been any change?

Girl: No. You talk to him.

Guy: Why are you acting like this? We all feel the same way. We all feel sad. About his death. But not eating won't help. We have to go on living.

BL: Will you tell me what teacher died of?

Guy: It was, it was pneumonia. That's what the report said.

BL: And you really think that's true?

Guy: Yeah.

BL: I don't believe it! Now tell me how he really died!

Guy: Ah, we wouldn't lie to you. It's true. That's what the doctor told us.

BL: I see. And you believe what you were told? He was well! There was nothing wrong! How could a healthy man die? 

Guy: You shut up.

Listen to me. We can't rush. We must be cautious. We all have out own suspicions. Just as you do. We're looking into it. 

BL: We must find out the truth.

Guy: Yes, of course. It's out duty. Still, we must think of tomorrow. Many people will be coming here, to pay last respects. You'll have to meet them. Teacher would want that. huh.

Hur Yung Ja was the greatest boxing instructor of all time. He stood for everything that's right. He was our leader. He's gone.  The founder of XX gung fu. I met him 40 years ago. We were young, and we grew up together. Even then, as a lad, he always knew he'd found a school here. Yes, he had that kind of vision. And that dream did come true. Our school here is his achievement. He died, for us. He traveled around, himself, so that so that he spread his word, it was this simply, that he used to teach, sure. He aimed to strengthen minds, and bodies of youths. the young people. for the sake of  China, our land. The school here was built just for that. And it was for strengthening the person's character. And now, all of us, each one, must live, by that rule. Remember, in the same way as he loved you, you must all honor his words. What's more, we must also, continue developing our skill. The great fighting skill that our teacher taught us. We must make sure we're fit. Fit to serve our country. To help those who need us. Everyone. So that if they want, they can turn to us. Teacher, he died too early, really. He died while the school was still so young. We've never ever had to serve our country yet. Soon though, we'll get our chance. And now in honor of our great Hur Yung Ja, let us have one moment of silence.


Japanese Mafia (Yakuza) Enter

Guy: Come in.

Yakuza: Well, I see we're just in time.

You are, uh....

I am Woo. And I am the interpreter for a certain Mr. Suzuki. He runs the Japanese XX  school.

Oh yes.

Er, If I may ask, what's that you're carrying?

It's just a present my teacher sent to you with his compliments.

he he he

What's it mean?

What's it mean? Ha ha ha ha. Well, it's quite simple. It's a warning. You ought to know that perfectly well. We know you're training here. We don't want you to get any ideas.

Look here. Now what's the point of this?

Ha. Just that the Chinese are a race of weaklings, no comparison to us Japanese.....Just look at yourselves, you're pathetic, you know that? Oh yes, I realized you'd all be here now, yet I don't look frightened, do I? Huh, well, any one of you man enough to meet the challenge?

Cho Ji.

He he he he he.

Well, clear a space then. My friend here promised to put up a good fight. Must be someone. Who's your champion, huh? Heh, huh. So many here and not one of you has any courage? What's the matter with the lot of you? You afraid of us? Huh? ha ha ha ha ha ha. Come on, I won't ask again.  


My name's Woo. I told you. I'm a translator.

Listen. Our teacher, he taught us to be prepared to fight, but not to fight like this. We're for keeping the peace. Our school won't fight you.

Ohhh? Are you afraid you'll lose? Huh? ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Hey. I'll tell you what, if they defeat me I'll eat those words OK. Huh?

huuuu.....Yes I like the idea. We'll even close the school immediately. So let's agree, shall we?

The stakes are pretty high. So what is it? Huh, well, nothing to say then? Heh, ha, well if you won't with us, think of what all the other schools will think of you afterwards. So then, about you then? Come on, what's holding you back? Are you yellow or something?

Sick man of Asia.


It won't work.


Why so shy what's wrong, Lost your tongue?

Really, what a group, just nothing but kids There's not a man among you. I'm sure of that.

Come yeah right.

They've got a nerve talking like that, especially today.

Why, why wouldn't you let us fight?

Yes, I know. I wanted to. Only, our teacher taught us we shouldn't.


**In the Yakuza dojo


BL: Mr Suzuki, isn't he your chief?

Well, he ain't here. Whadaya [What do you] want him for?

BL: I'm returning this to him.

Ha ha ha ha ha heh heh huuuh. Oh I see. Ok.

BL: You can take this from me, and then get outa [out of] here. Whenever you're ready, I'll take on any Japanese here.

So you wanna [want to] see how good you are? Then you must be tired of living.

BL: Well? Do you fight alone, or all together?

It'll just take me to show you.

ugh.. awww, urrrggh   oooooh  owwww

heeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiii appp!

Surround him!

 Fight Scene

BL: Now you listen to me. I'll only say it once. We are not sick men. BL: Eat. This time you're eating paper. The next time it's gonna [going to] be glass.



Clerk: What the hell are you doing? What is this? 

Translator: Stop right here. 

Suzuki:: I see. And I though you said XX(s school was worthless.

Suzuki: You know the name of that guy?

Translator: I do. We've met already. His name's  XX. They tell me he's the best boxer at Ching Woo.

Suzuki: Do they really think we're gonna [going to] to take this thing laying down,

Japanese bushido is the world's finest.

Translator: Of course, they've just never felt the sting of Japanese fists.

Suzuki: Alright then......let's beat em up.

Guys: Yes We'll smash them

Translator: That's right, you will. Smash them We will obey you.

Suzuki: Good...........get around to their school, NOW, and don't come back if you fail. Get going!!!

Guys: Sir!


At the Gate

警備: Well, what do you want?

BL:  I want to pass.

警備: Oh no, not allowed, I'm afraid.

BL: And that?

警備: You're the wrong color so beat it.

Guy: Hey you! Come here......You uhh, you were wanting to get in here. No no no. Tell you what. There's only one thing you need to do. Pretend you're a dog huh. I'll take you in.




Hey what do you want, get out.

[fighting scene]

Get out, what's all this about?

Hey! What's this?

Get out!

What's going on here?

[more fighting]

Stop it, stop it.

[more fighting]


Let's go, come on

Translator: Wait a minute. This was just a little warning to you. I'm giving you three days to hand Chin over to us. If you don't, I'll have your school closed immediately. And you'll all be arrested as well. Get it? Come on.

Oh my God! Help me, help me.

Teacher, if you were here with us, they would never have treated us like that.

Kung Fu Sensei: They want us to hand over Chin. Do you think that he is the one, who started this?

Girl: Don't blame him. XXXXX....upset him very much.

Hey, here he is then.

What's this?

Sensei: Chen Jang. It's all thanks to you. But where have you been all day? I'll've been around to the XX school, causing trouble.

Guy: Now see whatchuv done (=what you've done = what you have done). You act the hero and this, this is what they've done to us. You should have told us what you were gonna do.

Sensei: Now listen. You know our rules as well as anyone. You've been here long enough now. So what made you do such a thing? They came round here and attacked all of us. And they said if we didn't hand you over in three days time, they'd be back here again to close the school and have us arrested.

Guy: Do you want my opinion? Let him do it again!

Girl: What's that?  How can you say that?

Guy: Chan was right. Why do we let them walk all over us? If we do there won't be any future for us.

Girl.  But we can't give Chan to them. They'll kill him. If we don't, they'll close the school down.

What a choice to have to make.

If they get Chan, he'll be finished. There's only one way. Go!. Leave Shanghai.

You're right. Leave Shanghai.

BL: Not me.

Why not?

BL: I can't leave you in trouble.

Girl: But think of yourself now. It's the only possible solution. You must leave.

BL: I won't.

Guy: You will. Think of it. You vanish, so they can't find you, and they can't lift a hand against us. They have no proof. They'd never dare risk it.

Guy: What he has said is perfectly correct. You've got to do it. It's the one and only chance we have.


Sensei: You hesitate. Staying won't help. You must go. And don't think you're running out on us. No one's gonna blame you.

Girl: He's right. Of course you aren't. Surely we agree on that.

Sensei: You see? Do you see how many friends you have. Everyone here. We understand why, you don't want to leave this place. But have you forgotten, what teacher always said? Think of the school and not of yourself. Teacher's death, and now this, only increases the burden on all of us. For our sake, you must go. Tomorrow morning.

Yu Len, buy a train ticket for tomorrow.


Girl: It's late. Try and get some sleep.

BL: Everything packed?

Girl: Yes.

BL: And to think that I came back here to ask you to become my wife....I've been rather a failure, haven't I?

Girl: You mustn't say that about yourself. You won't be away for ever, you know. nd when you come back again, I shall be waiting for you.

BL: You and the others suffer because of me.

Girl: Don't be silly. Nobody's blaming you. Now, come on, see if you can sleep. You really must.

BL: I can't. I must stay awake. I must stay with teacher....You, you go to bed.


Did anyone see you?

No, they're all asleep.

Did you get it?

Yeah. Here it is. We ought to get going now. If they find out that this is what really killed Mr. XX we won't stand a chance.

Why does Mr. Woo want us to resign?

He said the job's done. He says there's no point in staying. XXX

We'll go together. No one suspects us, and so we can the pair of us disappear tomorrow morning. All right?

BL: So you're Japanese?

Well? So what about it? That's right, we killed your teacher.

Hey! What're you tryin' to do? Get out.

You really think I'm afraid of him? I'm not, even though they say he's so good. Look at him, he's just a young FOOL!

BL: Hung Wai Shur, come out. Hung Wai Shur, come out!

So why did you kill my teacher then? Why did you kill my teacher? Why did you kill my teacher?


BL: Teacher was poisoned by these biscuits. I'll find the real murderer and avenge his death ("Chang").

Quickly, quickly!

In the street, two people, hanging from the lamppost, I saw them myself, two of them, just hanging there.

What is it?

I've just been to the station. On my way back here, and uh there they were, hanging, Mr. Feng and that cook, Yeng.

Girl: Are you sure it was them, quite sure?

Yes, I'm quite certain they're hanging there for everyone to see. I know there's no mistake.

Hmmm. Come on and show me.

What now? What is it?

Something's happened to Feng and Jung. They're dead.

Let's go back inside.


To be continued......                                                     

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