Alan Goes from Gong Kakutougi Plus, October, 2000

Antonio Inoki and Sugar Ray Leonard from SRSDX, January 25, 2001

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira & Wanderlei Silva from Gong Kakutougi, April, 2004 

Antonio Rodrigo  Nogueira from Gong Kakutougi  June 2003

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira & Top Team from Gong Kakutougi,  September, 2001

Armando Wriedt, by Robert Drysdale, January 2020



B. J. Penn From Gong Kakutogi, June 6, 2001

Bob Sapp from Sports Graphic, February 20, 2003




Caol Uno from  Kakutogi Tsushin,  December 23, 2001

Caol Uno from Kami no Puroresu,  February 25, 2001

Caol Uno from Gong Kakutougi, September 16, 2002

Claudio Coelho from Herois do Ringue

Cleber Luciano from K-Files, February 1, 2001

Chuck Norris from Herois do Ringue  

Chris Brennan  Special Interview


Dan Henderson from Gong Kakutougi, June 6, 2001


Eddie Bravo from 2004 Inforest Mook 柔術王

Erik Paulson  Special Interview



Fabio Gurgel from Herois do Ringue  

Frank Shamrock from Gong Kakutougi Plus  December 2000

Fredrigo Rudimar (Chute Boxe)   from Gong Kakutougi, June 6, 2001

Funaki  from Shukan Puroresu,  June 11, 2000 



George Foreman from Gracie Magazine December 2003

George Mehdi (Not really an "interview", but sort of)

Genki Sudo from Gong Kakutougi No. 144, April. 2004

Gracie DNA: The Counter Attack of the Helio Gracie Family. From  ATHRA. (This is an article about the Gracies, with comments by Rickson)



Helio Gracie from Playboy  (Brazilian Edition) February 2001, interviewed by Dalila Magarian, translated by Roberto Pedreira, presented by The Global Training Report.

Helio Gracie reveals the true story about his epic battle with Kimura (Kakutou Striking Spirit, May 1, 2002) 

Helio Gracie, Royce Gracie, and Pedro Valente from SRSDX 10/10/2002

Helio Gracie August 2002

Helio Gracie October 2002

Hugo Duarte from Herois do Ringue  



Igor Vovchanchyn  after Pride 10 (see Pride interviews below for more Igo Vovchanchyn interviews)


Jacaré Souza dos Santos from Submission Spirits 2, May 2008.

Jacaré, Romero Cavalcanti  Special Interview from 1998

John Machado from Herois do Ringue




Ken Shamrock from SRSDK, no. 27, August 10, 2000 

Kimura Masahiko 木村政彦 Conversation with Yamashita Yasuhiro, 1981 

Kyra Gracie [aka Kyra Gracie Guimaraes] from 柔術主 2004 (pp. 90-91)



Leka "Sexy Machine" Vieira  from K-1 Files, Spring 1999



Marco Ruas from Herois do Ringue

Mario Sperry (special mini interview prior to Royce vs. Yoshida 1), Gong Kakutougi, September 2002

Mario Sperry from Kami no Puroresu Radical, 2003 No. 60

Mario Sperry  from Herois do Ringue

Mark Kerr and Sakuraba  from Gong Kakutougi, 11-99, No. 91  

Mezger, Guy from Kakutogi Tsushin No. 276, 5/8/2001  

Mirko CroCop Kakutogi Tsushin No. 329,July. 23, 2003 

Morishita Naoto  from K- Files Vol. 5, Oct. 1, 2000 

Murahama Takehiro from SRSDX  No. 39, February 8, 2001 

Murilo Bustamante from Gong Kakutougi Plus (zookan) Vol. 9, October 2000




Orlando Cani   from Gong Kakutougi Plus, Vol 13 - July 2001

Oswaldo Alves From 柔術レジエンズ: 2008



Pride 10  from K- Files Vol. 5, October 1, 2000

Pride 13 Renzo Gracie, Vanderlei Silva, Mark Coleman, Guy Metzger, Egan Inoue, Igor Vovchanchyn, Tra Telligman, and Dan Henderson

Pride 15 Gong Kakutogi Plus Vol. 14, Sep. 2001. ( Sakuraba, Jackson, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, Gary Goodridge, Ryan Gracie, Ishizawa, Bob Cook, Takahashi, Shoji, Ebeneezer, Matsui, Oyama, Wallid Ismail, Mark Kerr, and Heath Herring. 

Pride 16 Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, Ricardo Arona, Guy Mezger, Don Frye, Gilbert Yvel, Ninja, Matsui

Pride 17 Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, Heath Herring, Tom Erickson, Vanderlei Silva, Renzo Gracie, and others

Pride 23  Sakuraba, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, Ricardo Arona, Vanderlie Silva, Feoder, Yoshida, Semmy Schilt, Arsene, Kevin Randelman, Yamaken, and Kanehara, after Pride 23.

Pride GP (11/9/03) Post-Fight Comments by Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, Vanderlei Silva, Sakuraba, Yoshida, and Randleman  



Quentin Rampage Jackson from Gong Kakutougi, September 2001



Renzo Gracie  from SRSDK,  August 10, 2000 

Renzo Gracie from SRSDX,  April 26, 2001 

Ricardo Arona from SRSDX  September 27, 2001 (2 interviews)

Rickson Gracie from Tatame June 2005

Rickson Gracie  interviewed in 1994 by Nishi Yoshinori

Rickson Gracie interviewed in 1994 by  Nakamura Yori

Rickson Gracie  from Kakutougi Tsushin, May 23, 2002

Royce Gracie  talks about  upcoming fight with Yoshida Hidehiko, Gong Kakutougi, September 2002 

Royce Gracie   from SRSDX, January 24, 2002 

Rickson Gracie from Shukan Puroresu, November 2000  

Rickson Gracie Pt. 1, from ATHRA, 2001 

Rickson Gracie Pt. 2, from ATHRA 2001 

Rickson Gracie, from Herois do Ringue

Rickson Q & A, 1998

Roberto Pedreira

Rockson Gracie from SRSDX, March 8, 2001 (article about Rockson by Yori Nakamura)

Rorion Gracie  from K-Files vol. 6, sokuho, February 1, 2001

Royce Gracie  from SRSDX, April 26, 2001

Royce & Rorion Gracie from Kakutogi Tsushin, November 2000 

Royce Gracie from Herois do Ringue

Royler Gracie from Herois do Ringue

Royler  Gracie with comment by Rickson, from SRSDX, February 8, 2001 

Ryan Gracie from SRSDK, August 10, 2000

Ryan Gracie   from SRSDX, July 26, 2001

Ryron, Rener, and Ralek Gracie, from Sports Graphic, February 20, 2003



Sakuraba Kazaushi & Mark Kerr   from Gong Kakutougi,  November 1999

Sakuraba Kazushi, from SRSDK,  August 10, 2000

Sakuraba  Kazushi, from K- Files V, October 1, 2000

Sakuraba Kazushi, interviewed by Kitano “Beat” Takeshi, from Winners Dead or Alive, vol. 1,  November 2000 

Sakuraba Kazushi, from Shukan Puroresu,  Bessatsu Tokigo , December l5, 2000

Sakuraba Kazushi, from Kami no Puroresu,  November 25, 2000

Sakuraba Kazushi, from SRSDX, January 25, 2001 

Sakuraba Kazushi, from K-Files , February 1, 2001 

Sakuraba Kazushi, from Gong Kakutougi , April 2001

Sakuraba Kazushi, from Gong Kakutougi, September 2001

Sakuraba Kazushi, from  ATHRA (article about Sakuraba), August 2002

Saulo Ribeiro from Herois do Ringue

Steve Petromale  Vitor Belfort's boxing coach)from Herois do Ringue  

Sugar Ray Leonard and Antonio Inoki from SRSDX, January 25, 2001



Takeshi Kitano interviews Sakuraba from Winners Dead or Alive,  November 2000 

Telligman Tra from Kakutougi Tsushin, May 8, 2001 

Tererê: (Fernando Tererê) "Jiu-Jitsu Saved My Life!" from 柔術主, 2004

Tito Ortiz from Kami no Puroresu, (紙のプロレス), February, 2001

Top Team & Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira from Gong Kakutougi, September, 2001






Vanderlei Silva from Gong Kakutougi Plus (zookan) Vol. 9, October 2000

Vanderlei Silva  from SRSDX, No. 41, March 3, 2001

Vanderlei Silva  Gong Kautougi Plus Vol. 16, November 21, 2001

Vitor Belfort from Gong Kakutougi July 2000

Vitor Belfort from Gong Kakutougi Plus (zookan) Vol. 9, October 2000

Vitor Belfort from Herois do Ringue

Vitor Belfort from Gracie Magazine 1998







Yuki Nakai from SRSDX  April 2001 

Yoshida Hidehiko August 2002

Yoshida Hidehiko October 2002

Yuuki Kondo from SRSDX,  February 2001





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