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Global Training Report


Murahama Takehiro

 After fight with Royler Gracie

SRSDX  No. 39

February 8, 2001


Translated by Roberto Pedreira


Question: How was it?

Murahama: Darn.....well,  from the beginning to the end, I was completely on defense.  I couldn't do anything. In the second round, he was in my guard, but he did nothing either.  I tried to draw him into my strategy, but he wasn't having it. Anyway, I knew he was good at avoiding being beaten. [to reporter:  but honestly speaking, all of you thought I would be tapped by Royler, didn't you? (laughs)]. It turned out to be contrary  to your expectation.  It was my first vale tudo fight. I think I did good enough as a beginner, and I can have the expectation for the future. Maybe I shouldn't say that after such  a poor fight, but I have some feeling that the possibilities for  the fight to come from now on is coming into my hand.. I thought I'd be able to land more punches but none landed, he was cautious. He kept his distance.

Question: In the first round when you were trapped in a sleeper [rear naked] for eight minutes, what were you thinking?

Murahama:  I thought everybody would laugh at me if I got caught.  I could hear my older brother and Mr. Yano telling me "turn!" and "peel off the finger!" I did what they said. Well,  kakutogi is truly a game. The result depends on my self-determination to win, and the guidance of my coaches. I did what they told me, which is the main reason why he couldn't finish me off with his sleeper. And I was dragged into the Gracies' way of fighting which is never defeated. But if it was decided by judges, I would lose, so my feeling about the fight is a little complicated. 

Question: In the second round, you landed a nice right hand.......

Murahama: Did it land? I don't remember. ........My last hope was a big punch. I thought he would be poor at keeping his distance, but he was better than I thought. If I had deftly pressured him into a corner and thrown combinations, hit and and maneuvered, I might have connected with more punches. 

Question: In the first round with 30 seconds remaining, did you see that a juji arm lock was coming?

Murahama: How could I see it. (laughs). I only started learning ground techniques six months ago.

Question: Were you finished by the choke sleeper?

Murahama: I would have tapped if I had been (laughs). Well,  I could hear my corner very clearly and I took the actions they told me to, because if I did what they said, there was no danger of being finished, that I knew. Only my ground technique is inferior, but I have more, speed, power, stamina, I think. To apply a choke sleeper, power is the key. We were both tired. In the end defeat or victory goes to the one with more power. So it was obvious to me that I would win

Question: How would you feel if there was decision by judges?

Murahama: Then I would lose, obviously. Why are you so cynical (laughs). Because I'm a pro wrestler, you all despise me, don't you? I don't care.

Question: Finally, Kin Tai Ei 's name was called out.....[Kin Tai Ei is a former kick boxer from the early 90's who apparently is now involved in the management side of the sport].

Murahama: I planned to give up kakutogi when  I made my pro wrestling debut. One year ago I moved to Osaka, near the home of Mr. Kin Tai Ei, a person from Amagazaki (chokes up with emotion)....I'm sorry, uuuh, I get teary eyed when the name of Kin Tai Ei comes up.   "Let's grub up together" [issho ni meshi demo tabeoka] he used to say, and from then we also trained [together]. I know a lot of techniques now that I didn't know then [because of Mr. Kin].  

Question: Speaking of bravery.....[implying that Mr. Kin taught him about bravery].

Murahama: Today, the fight that has been fought, it is all because of Mr. Kin.  I am truly grateful to him. Doing pro wrestling, after coming from kakutogi, it seems that many people change their way of acting toward us [pro wrestlers get less respect]......Mr. Kin wasn't like that. He treated me as a human being and taught me everything, despite whatever group I had joined.

Question: After this, what?

Murahama: After this, I will win the WGP Jr. heavy [title]. 

[Reporters make with a big guffaw at Murahama's remark..]

Murahama: What's so funny? It's no joke. It's true.

Staff: Ok, that's all.

Murahama:  I will beat Tanaka Minoru. That's all.



 (c) 2001, Roberto Pedreira. All rights reserved.






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