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Interviews with Fighters after

Pride 23 

(November 24, 2002)


 No. 83

December 12, 2002

Translated by Roberto Pedreira



Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira

"Once again I had a tall and heavy opponent to fight. At the beginning I thought Schildt was a technically strong opponent. But somehow I was able to finish him off. I think I could prove that jiu-jitsu is the best.  What is the key to beating a huge [dekai] opponent? The key is technique. I think that if I fight Feodor I will be much better than he is. I will fight anyone."

Semmy Schilt

"I think I did a good fight but it is regrettable that I got finished by a triangle. I think I was stronger than Nogueira but I fell into his trap [wana 罠 ni hamatte shimmatta yo]. When Nogueira's armlock was coming, I rotated, but in reality it was a triangle. I have seen this happen to many of Nogueira's opponents, though. I didn't get damaged, so there won't be a problem for me to fight in K-1." 


I injured my knee during sparring. [Q. Was it because of that that it took 3 rounds to defeat Arsenne?] Yes, but not only that. His defense was strong too. Regardless of the result, either win or lose, I wanted to fight the way that the result would be clear to everybody. I didn't want to  drag on to a decision. [What were you talking to Takada about on the stage passage before the fight?] I forgot" (laugh).



"Sakuraba was extremely strong. I only had two weeks before the fight to train, so because of that I could only show 50 % of my power. I could fight with that Sakuraba until the third round. That makes me feel better at least. I want to participate in Pride again after 2 or 3 months. My shoulder is in bad condition. I hope to have time for recovery. " 


"As I was thinking what is the most important in my first vale tudo was how to take my opponent to the ground avoiding his striking, it went as I planned. I was thinking I could avoid his punches to my face depending on the position after taking him to the ground. It was good for me that I could put myself in a good position to enable me to attack anytime there is a chance. [Q: Who do you want to fight next?] The fight has just finished now, so I need time to think about it. 

Ricardo Arona

"It went as I was expecting it to go. I fought a good fight. I could show all the results of my training up to now.  I think I was able to win a real victory.  I want to fight Silva. Really, today I'm thinking that I can fight him. After all, I want to be the middle weight champion.  I want a belt like Nogueira's. I think today was a good test. " 

Vanderlie Silva

"Kanahara's Muay Thai was very good and he had a great fighting spirit [konjou 根性]. I hope more and more challengers with a fighting spirit like him come along.. I am not afraid of anyone. I will do anything to win.  My next goal is Pride 24. I definitely want to fight Yoshida. There isn't anyone who can beat me in the middleweight division.."    


"When the end came, I still thought that I could fight on. I was thinking that my fight would start from now, so it was too bad.  [Q: You think the towel was thrown in too soon?] That's right. I thought I could still do it. I felt I could do it, because could see the punches coming clearly. My knee felt a little unstable, but I felt I could go on the attack in the second half. I wanted to exchange strikes with him some more.  I want to fight him one more time".


"Everyone, I think you enjoyed my fight. What was my bad point was I was off my guard in the end. Herring was a good fighter as an opponent, and he was strong physically. But I thought I had more power than he did during the fight. I think Nogueira is the strongest kakutougi fighter at this point. I want to do anything as possible as I can. 


Kevin Randleman

The last time I lost 16-20 pounds due to the kidney calculus, so my condition was terrible.  I am happy to win in Pride where big and strong fighters get together from all over the world.  Yamaken [nickname of Randleman's opponent] weighs about just 70 kgs [152 lbs.]? In that case, I respect him for fighting me.  I will proclaim something here, which is that I will definitely take the middleweight title.  I will never be defeated in Pride. Remember that." 


"I wanted to continue to do it, because I felt that his power was getting weak from the third round. I was aiming at a chance from the bottom when his [udegarami] shoulder lock came. Mr. Takada was my inspiration and the top reason for me to have come to Tokyo. I wanted to show my part which has grown up and improved in his retirement fight. I wish I could have won. I wanted to fight with a feeling like doing a street fight and being back in my teenage years "


 Comments were not included by Ninja, Don Frye, Heath Herring.


 (c) 2002, Roberto Pedreira. All rights reserved.



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