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Rogue Sites Hall of Infamy

A Partial List of Sites that have been Busted  

for misappropriating Copyrighted GTR Material


Copyright violation is a serious criminal offense. Sites that illegally post copyrighted material are engaged in criminal activity. Offenders will be subject to appropriate penalties as provided by applicable laws.


Latest Violation (Busted August 10, 2013):

 Arte Suave | BJJ & Grappling

It's ok to link to GTR's content. It is not ok to reproduce it entirely.

Copyright infringement liability can be extremely expensive. Read this: Copyright



Triangle BJJ is the latest in a long list of sites that have not been able to resist the temptation to add value to their site and attract students and customers to their online shop by pilfering copyrighted content, including but probably not limited to GTR's Vocabulary and Giria Resource. Check it out at the original source, pure water!

Other Unresolved Violations.


This site reproduced the entire GTR article Origems of Jiu-jitsu. They didn’t try to hide the fact that they got it from GTR. But it is NOT ok to reproduce GTR content on your site, for the obvious reason that GTR is supported by click-throughs to amazon, and if you read GTR’s copyrighted original material on a rouge site, then you aren’t going to click-through from GTR. Suggestion for sites that need content to attract viewers to their site: Create your own content. Or, if you want to legally use GTR copyrighted original material, you MAY reprint 25 words (no more than 25, and without any revision or addition of pictures, etc.), accompanied by a links to and the relevant article.



Illegally posted Portuguese & Giria for BJJ Article



 Illegally posted Portuguese & Giria for BJJ Article




Illegally posted Royce interview and  several Helio Gracie Interviews.


Illegally posted Mehdi article: 



Illegally posted Helio Gracie interview and Then Came Rorion article. In addition, deliberately and willfully deleted the source ( and author (Roberto Pedreira), demonstrating intent to deceive. This criminal organization sells merchandise over the internet and asks you provide them with your credit card details. They don't have a problem with stealing copyrighted intellectual property, but maybe they'll respect your credit card information?


GTR has mixed feelings about translations of GTR's copyrighted original content. On one hand, it is strictly speaking, in violation and subject to all applicable penalties. On the other hand, it is flattering (which is not to say that we hereby grant any form of permission to do it.) Some French person invested alot of effort to translate many of the GTR articles, and subsequently posted them on a forum. (Other people have translated GTR into other languages, including Portuguese, Dutch, and some that we aren't familiar with, but look like they might be Polish, Czech, or other East European languages.) We NEVER approve of ANY changes to GTR content, which includes adding pictures or deleting copyright notices. Since the French person mentioned above has added some pictures we have no choice but to put the forum that is supporting him on the Rouge Site's hall of Infamy.



Note: Individuals and organizations who want to translate GTR copyrighted original content into foreign languages are advised to contact GTR for appropriate permissions and guidance.













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