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Global Training Report

Interview with

Ryan Gracie

SRSDX No.50, July 26, 2001

Interviewed by Kawasaki Koichi

Translated by Kondo Yoko


Q: Ryan, I will be able to see your fight again in Pride 15 on July 29. How is your condition?

Ryan: All good.

Q: It will be for the first time since you fought Sakuraba in Pride 12 (held in Saitama Arena on Dec. 23, 2000). Could you look back on the fight with Sakuraba first?

Ryan: I was not satisfied with the result, but I was injured at that time. If my condition had been 100%, with no injury, I would have done better.

Q: Is there anything you learned from that fight?

Ryan: Frankly speaking, I lost due to my injury. So there is nothing special I learned from that fight. I have an enough confidence in myself as I am now.

Q: If you hadn't been injured, what do you think it would have happened?

Ryan: Needless to say, it would have turned out to be a different result.

Q: Renzo was defeated by Dan Henderson in Pride 13 (held in Saitama Arena on March 25, 2001). How do you think about it?

Ryan: Regarding that fight, Henderson was luckier than Renzo. I think his punch in the end was a lucky punch. It happens in fights. But Henderson trained hard to win so maybe that's why he got lucky like he did.

Q: How do you think about a consecutive defeat of you and your brother?

Ryan: Renzo was defeated by bad luck, and my defeat resulted from the injury. The possibility to lose goes with fighting, so I don't worry about it. Both of us already have a stable name value. I don't think those defeats devalue us. But, defeat is defeat, so I have no excuse. I will show you a good fight next time. I want to fight Sakuraba again for sure.

Q: You will have a rematch with Ishizawa.

Ryan: I think every fighter should have a chance for a rematch. So naturally I will accept his challenge too.

Q: What is your impression about Ishizawa?

Ryan: The last fight was so short that nothing special with him impressed me. But I think he is a good fighter.

Q: Ishizawa has been training for one year for the rematch with you.

Ryan: All the fighters are getting better. Maybe he's better now, but so am I.

Q: Could you tell me something more specific, what kind of training you did and how you improved?

Ryan: I did boxing and jiu-jitsu training. Both trainings went well. Well, you will see it in my fight with Ishizawa.

Q: Have you already made a game plan for the fight with Ishizawa in Pride 15?

Ryan: I want to defeat him by going aggressively from the beginning, which is the same as the last time. Well, it might finish with a time-limit in the worst case. Even so I want to win.

Q: How about street fights lately?

Ryan: (Laugh) No more, since I am a professional fighter.

Q: What is your schedule for training?

Ryan: First, I get up at 5:30 and do running. Then have a breakfast and go to bed again. From 11:30 to 2:30 I do training at the academy as a coach. After that I have a lunch,   take a nap, and do my own training as well as teach the students at the academy from 5:30 to 9:30. I go back home after that, and have a good time with my girlfriend. (laugh)

Q: How do you think about fighting in Pride?

Ryan: Pride is the biggest and major event in the world, where a lot of big names get together. I  want to keep fighting there all my life.

Q: How do you think about the new rule?

Ryan: I love it.

Q: Don't you have anything to say about the details of the rule?

Ryan: Nothing at all. "No holds barred" is best.

Q: This fight will be a good chance for you to get back your credit disgraced by the defeat in the fight with Sakuraba.

Ryan: No, I don't think that way. I want spectators to have more respect for fighters. It is unavoidable to get injured, win or lose in fights, so I hope they accept it and respect us. I fought with Sakuraba in spite of my injury, because I had already made a contract. Some fighters cancel a fight for the reason of injury, and then play soccer on the same day. But I never do that. I want them to understand that spirit.

Q: Which fighters are you interested in now?

Ryan: Sakuraba and Silva. I want to fight them for sure.

Q: By the way, What does "Gracie jiu-jitsu" mean to you?

Ryan: It is all my life.

Q: Could you give a message to the Japanese fans?

Ryan: I think Japan is my second home country. The Japanese fans are very warm-hearted, and I feel very good to fight in Japan. I will do my best to show you a good fight again, so please buy a ticket and come to see me.

Q: In the end, could you give a word to Ishizawa?

Ryan: Kakattekoi! (he said in Japanese, which means "let's get it on!")



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